A Cape Town-based photography course comprising small, focused workshops helping you learn

how to get the most out of your camera

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I am passionate about sharing information! Too often I hear someone who has bought a great camera confess that they’re restricted to the Automatic setting on their camera. Why? Because they found the manual or training courses offered too technical and dense, and so they struggle to explore the many (and brilliant) functions on their cameras.

Whilst the modern SLR can undoubtedly take great shots in the automatic modes, you can only get 100% reliable creative control by delving a little deeper.

My photography course for beginner and intermediate photographers, ‘Getting to Know Your DSLR’, has been designed to break down how your camera can work for you into simple comprehensive chunks, spread over six sessions in a two week period.

As an experienced teacher, I understand that we will need to work at a pace that suits everyone, which is why I keep my classes to a maximum of three or four.

The classes are small, relaxed and personal, and aided by visual examples, course notes and practical hands-on demonstrations. At the end of the course, you will feel confident enough to move away from the automatic settings and take creative control of your photography.

I also offer one-on-one customised sessions for photographers who want a more targeted and personalised learning session.

If you are interested in taking part in my next workshop, or would like more information on the workshops or one-on-one sessions, let me know by emailing me at info@camineykphotography.com or sending me the form below.

Feedback from a few of my clients:

“Getting to Know your DSLR’ has been an amazing course. I am so grateful to you for showing me how to communicate with my camera – now I know that we (the camera and I) talk the same language. I have had so much fun with my Canon, it’s no longer intimidating as it was before, it’s become pure joy. Thank you.” 

Marisa, Cape Town

“Caminey, you were so kind to craft a one-on-one photography session for me that could not have been more rewarding! For a long time I’ve felt frustrated that I couldn’t get my camera to take pictures that looked the way I wanted them to look. You gave me some of the tools, and more importantly the confidence, to take charge of my camera and the creative process. I haven’t used my camera’s Auto settings since our session (several months ago) and while I still have a lot to learn, I am now loving experimenting! Thanks so much for a happy morning, well spent!”

Becca, Hout Bay

“Thank you for this amazing course. It really helped me so much – this coming weekend we are going away and I cannot wait to test my new acquired skills. I will definitely give you a five out of five for every session. You are a very thorough and patient teacher.”

Sanet, Tokai

“Thank you so much for teaching this class! I truly learnt so much, loved the classes and the homework! (I actually miss the homework!) My only request is a follow up class for the next level, and a Lightroom class.  My camera has not been on Automatic once since – and I am constantly thinking “That would be a great picture” so I carry my camera with me all the time now!”
Donatella, Cape Town

” I was very impressed with the course – it was perfectly spread out and I walked away with lots of knowledge gained. I am much happier and confident with my camera than before.”
Mel Salo, Claremont

“I definitely LOVED the course! Can’t wait for the next one! The teaching style was perfect, the class size was perfect and I followed the notes and structure easily.”
Mel Schoennege, Cape Town

“I absolutely loved the course – I felt like I had learnt loads. you made the complicated mechanics of my camera seem so simple.

 I loved the professional yet warm atmosphere of your learning environment. I looked forward to the course on the assigned days.

I can not fault the course and It has made me analyse photos now with a sense of understanding and knowledge that clearly was not there before. I was always on automatic and now I fiddle all the time- a new sense of challenge for me.

Loved the course- Thank you.”

Natalie White, Constantia