Photography, literature, art, music, my husband and our two amazing children, eating good food with good friends  – and sometimes being a bit silly (even by myself for a self portrait, as below!) – that’s pretty much me in a nutshell.

Caminey K - a self portrait-1
“In Other Words, My Life” – an autobiography in one shot


I work on creating a series of classic, beautiful, natural documentary images with an artistic appeal that hasn’t compromised their authenticity.

My goal is simple – to capture you and your family as you are now, creating a collection of images that you can look at for the rest of your lives and remember what this period in your life was all about. If that means we include teething bibs, toothless grins, tired but happy faces, and tantrums under trees – so be it! I will take photographs of you and your family interacting in a natural way, rather than moving you and your children into poses that might come across as stilted.

A selfie!
Another selfie

Photography is what I do, but ultimately, its the photographs themselves that drive me. I love the fact that we can make our memories tangible in a series of beautiful framed prints, and our families, and children, and grandchildren will see them hanging there on a wall, for generations to come. That little moment, captured for all time.

Every day, when I get to take photographs of people who are connecting with each other naturally, sharing tiny but magical moments that they’re allowing me in to capture, I feel very, very, very lucky. People are where it’s at.

You can never replicate a portrait. Each one is precious and unique and tells its own story.

Tiny fingers, clasped hands, inquisitive faces, entwined feet, eyelashes, the shadows on a shoulder – it’s all so beautiful to me.

I love the challenge of shooting in people’s homes, outside in the magnificence of Cape Town – anywhere where we have lovely light to use, and where my clients have chosen as special to them.

I was born and raised in England, and moved to South Africa only after I left law school, where I fell head-over-heels in love with Cape Town, so I am all the more appreciative of the variety of splendid locations available for photoshoots! On arrival in Cape Town, after many years of writing music and stories, I discovered the absolute joy of being able to capture a moment using an image instead of words, and it was life-changing. I haven’t put down my camera since I got it, and launched my business in 2012 when I felt I had honed my technique and style and wanted to go further than just shooting for friends.

I absolutely love meeting new people, and especially enjoy working with clients who are interested in photography themselves. To me, there’s so much to discover, and inspiration is the beginning of all that. I’m passionate about sharing information, and get genuinely excited when I can teach a student the mechanics of the exposure triangle or how to craft better composition.

If you’d like to chat more about a family storytelling session photo shoot, or my workshops aimed at teaching clients how to get the most out of their wonderful DSLR’s , drop me a mail, or give me a call.

I look forward to chatting!

Photo Credit: Lynn Price
Photo Credit: Lynn Price
Photo Credit: Lynn Price
Photo Credit: Lynn Price











I am an ardent Canon fan and always have been. Canon’s portrait lenses are some of the finest, and I have a special love affair with my 135mm and 85mm prime lenses. And my trusty 5D Mark III allows me to shoot in exceedingly low light without compromising on image quality.

I aim to create a varied portfolio for my clients, and I find that interchanging my lenses and accessories allows me to do that, as well as giving me greater creative control.

I’m often asked what kit I use for weddings and other shoots:

5D Mark III camera bodykit-1
16-35mm II f2.8 L

50mm 1.2
24-105 f4 L
85mm 1.8 L
70-200 f4 L

100mm 2.8 L Macro

135mm f2 L

18–135mm 3.5


Back up body: 550D
580ex II external flash
430 ex external flash
Manfrotto tripod
Yongnuo remote triggers
Lastolite tri-grip reflector and flash diffuser
I also use the Lastolite portable backdrop and 8 in 1 umbrella for studio work or more editorial outdoor shots.


A few of my favourite personal images. Click on the image to read the captions.