The family photos that I LOVE are the ones of my son throwing the mother of all tantrums over his lego blocks, my daughter hiding her peas behind her potatoes, my husband’s face as he tries not to give in to our children’s request for a ‘treat’. My daughter watching ‘Frozen’ for the fifteenth time with awe, and my son feeling that being three years old is just too much like hard work. Playing in the garden, dressing up, making paper boats, bath-time giggles, bedtime snuggles, and little faces covered with paint and grass. Those are the ones that make it into my annual album and mean the absolute world to me.

Sebs puzzle-5_low res

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With that in mind, I am making a shift in what I am hoping to produce in a professional capacity. My biggest influences have always been reportage and photo-journalistic styles of photography. So whilst I really do love photographing my amazing clients and their families in our spectacular Cape Town beauty, and even though my family shoots have always had a strong documentary element, I want to take it to the next level.

Here’s what I’m going to be offering:


Family Storytelling Sessions

How many photographs do you have of you reading to your children? Or your kids in tutus, dressing gowns and pirate hats, deep in thought on their bedroom floors? Your partner towel drying the kids hair while they cheekily try to wriggle away? Your oldest child trying to ‘help’ you change their little siblings nappy?

These are the real and authentic moments I wish someone could have photographed of me and my family – try as I might, I can’t capture everything and it is THESE moments that make up my everyday and my family experience as a whole.

The aim of the Family Storytelling Sessions is to document your family interacting at home, in the garden, or out and about, in a completely natural way.

I want to tell the story of what makes your family tick and what makes your children unique, by capturing still images of your family doing what they do on a daily basis. By spending anything from two to six hours with your family, I will be able to capture the various moods, expressions and favourite pastimes of your children, within their home and local environment.

I would love to photograph meal times, trips out, bath time, baking sessions, bedtime stories, cuddles, tickles, time-outs and all the magical moments that might seem commonplace, but what make your family what it is –  the experiences that are shaping who your kids are growing up to be, in the environment that they are most used to (and therefore the most natural in).

With a strong documentary style, but utilising all the skills I have honed doing lifestyle shoots, I want to capture your family with little or no direction. If certain members are uncomfortable in front of the camera, this is PERFECT for them. Not feeling the pressure to ‘smile for the camera’ is  a big reason why I am launching these sessions – they will hopefully allow your more camera-shy family members to relax and eventually forget I am there. I will still capture portraits of your family individually, and all together, but focusing on natural authentic smiles and expressions.


The second element to these sessions is the Storybook. 

Digital photography is an amazing gift, but has resulted in people printing fewer and fewer of their photographs.

I am passionate about my families having printed material from our shoots, and to this end I have included an additional option of a 40 page, hand-designed, lay-flat pro Storybook album that will tell your family’s story.

Having a tangible album that your children can look at in years to come is, to me, invaluable.

Before we book a shoot, I will come to your home and meet you and your family, informally.

This way, your family get to meet me and see me with my camera while we chat about the fine details and session ideas. This pre-shoot meeting is at no charge.

If you want to proceed after that, I will invoice you for your session date and request a 50% deposit to confirm your session date.

The sessions can be booked during the day at any time. For the six hour shoot, you have the option to spread the shoot over two days (capturing an outing, dinner and bed time, and breakfast the following day).

Session Options:
90 minute Session   (home only)
2.5 hour Session   (home only)
3.5 hour session   (home and additional location)
5.5 hour session   (home and multiple locations)


Prices start at R3,400. Contact me for more information on the session options and rates, or with any questions. I am genuinely so excited to be offering this, so please let me know if you’d like to meet up and chat more!

Below are some of my favourite documentary images, some personal, some from past semi-documentary shoots. Capturing a natural child’s portrait is a case of light-chasing, composing and anticipating, and I love it when it all works out.

Click on the thumbnails to see the complete image and captions.



 McLeod Family Shoot July 2015-39_low res

McLeod Family Shoot July 2015-120_low res

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