Gora and I have pretty much grown up together, so when he proposed to his gorgeous Natalie, I was completely thrilled and told them that we HAD to do an engagement shoot next time they were visiting Cape Town over from the UK.

Sure enough, they were soon over on a weekend work trip, so we got to planning a shoot.

We were a little time-short due to Gora needing to fly home that day, so we kept things local and simple. We wanted to capture some elegant and classic couple’s shots, and then finish with some playful ones.

In case you’re wondering, although the images might say otherwise, it was Gora who proposed to Natalie, not the other way round! Gora and Natalie share the same sense of humour, so riffing on the idea that Gora is a) tone-deaf (which he is) and b)chased Natalie to be his partner (which he didn’t) we had a lot of fun with some silly shots.

They make a lovely couple, and I couldn’t be happier for them. Congrats, guys! Enjoy your pictures.

Gora and Natalie-17

Gora and Natalie-28

Gora and Natalie-18 Gora and Natalie-20 Gora and Natalie-22

Gora and Natalie-10

Gora and Natalie-7

Gora and Natalie-6

Gora and Natalie-3

Gora and Natalie-2

Gora and Natalie-25 Gora and Natalie-29 Gora and Natalie-30


Gora and Natalie-9

Gora and Natalie-16

Gora and Natalie-14

Gora and Natalie-4


And this is when the silliness began…. I learnt that its quite hard to shoot effectively when you’re giggling behind the camera at this:

Gora and Natalie-31 Gora and Natalie-32

And this:

Gora and Natalie-35

And then, THIS:

Gora and Natalie-36 Gora and Natalie-38



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